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Obuy.com was built for you, our fans, who have a passion for life and a keen eye for quality.

On this website, you can find hiking and camping gear, outdoor tools, everyday household products, and so much more.

We hope no matter where you are and how much time passes,

your Obuy items will always accompany you on your journeys and bring you enjoyment.

This is why we created Obuy: Anywhere with you, always by your side.

Obuy Has So Much to Offer

  • Multiple Brands

    Not only do we offer our own brands of products, but we have also gathered many quality Chinese outdoor brands, recommended and trusted by your fellow O-fans, under one roof, so that you can enjoy multiple brands’ quality with a single order.

  • Our Excellent Team

    Our team consists of a group of nature-loving, dynamic people with an outlook on life that suits our products: persistent, with high standards and constant innovation.

  • Shop Confidently

    Orders are typically shipped within 2-3 days, and you can choose from a variety of secure payment methods. You can always shop Obuy with confidence!

  • Outstanding Customer Service

    We always listen to our O-fans and build on customer and fan feedback to continually improve, drive innovation, and build strong, trusted relationships.


Welcome to the community!

We hope every user of Obuy products can open their heart and go outdoors, be present in the moment, and fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

Choose Obuy and Go Farther

  • Get to know other outdoor enthusiasts and make wonderful memories together.

  • Share your experiences with our products in the Obuy community.

  • Ask questions about the outdoors and outdoor products, upload pictures, and share your current status with others.

  • Connect more closely with brands and receive surprises, make discoveries, and experience exciting promotions.