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Best Budget Trekking Poles: The Definitive Guide of 2023

Best Budget Trekking Poles: The Definitive Guide of 2023

May 17, 2023, 00:00:00

When it comes to hiking and trekking, having the right gear can make all the difference in your outdoor experience. One essential tool that often gets overlooked is the humble trekking pole. A reliable trekking pole can provide stability, reduce strain on your joints, and improve your overall hiking performance. However, finding the best budget trekking pole that suits your needs can be a daunting task. That's why our team has done the research and compiled a list of our top picks to help you make an informed decision.

Our Team's Trekking Pole Picks

Our Team's Trekking Pole Picks

When it comes to selecting the best hiking poles, our team has taken into consideration various factors, including performance, durability, and design. After extensive research and testing, we have identified three top-notch trekking poles that are bound to impress.

Best Telescoping Trekking Pole: OLIFE Trekpal T3

OLIFE Trekpal T3

    • Release time: 2022

    • Pole Type: Telescoping

    • Shaft: 7075 Aluminum Alloy

    • Locking Mechanisms: External Lever Lock

    • Grip Construction: EVA

    • Weight: 18.4 oz (521 g) Excluding Accessories; 20.3 oz (576 g) Including Accessories

    • Packed Size: 25.2 in (64 cm)

    • Price: $ 49.99

One of the standout features of the OLIFE Trekpal T3 is its shaft, constructed from 0.8 mm thick, aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum alloy. This material strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and remarkable durability, ensuring that the poles can withstand the pressures and impacts of the trail. You can confidently rely on these poles to provide the support you need during your hiking adventures.

The robust external lever locks of the OLIFE Trekpal T3 are equipped with large aluminum alloy levers. These locks are designed to offer strength and security, ensuring that the poles remain securely extended at the desired height. With these reliable locking mechanisms, you can hike with peace of mind, knowing that your poles won't collapse unexpectedly.

When it comes to portability, the OLIFE Trekpal T3 excels. Weighing just 9.2 oz each and collapsing to a length of 25.2 inches (64 cm), these poles are incredibly lightweight and compact. You can easily attach them to the outside of your backpack, keeping them out of the way when not in use. Their compact size makes them ideal for hikers who value convenience and efficiency.

The usable length range of the OLIFE Trekpal T3 spans from 39.4 to 53.1 inches, accommodating a wide range of common heights. This adjustability ensures that hikers of various statures can find their ideal pole length, optimizing comfort and stability on the trail.

Comfort is a top priority with the OLIFE Trekpal T3, thanks to its ergonomic, soft-touch EVA foam grips. These grips offer a comfortable and secure hold, reducing strain on your hands during long hikes. Additionally, the EVA foam material wicks away sweat, ensuring a firm grip even in challenging conditions. For added confidence on steep terrain or when traversing, the poles come with EVA foam grip extensions, providing extra support and stability.

The adjustable wrist straps of the OLIFE Trekpal T3 are padded for enhanced comfort. They help distribute the weight of the poles and reduce strain on your wrists, allowing for a more enjoyable and fatigue-free hiking experience. These straps can be easily adjusted to fit your wrist size, providing a personalized and snug fit.

Durability is a key aspect of the OLIFE Trekpal T3, evident in its built-in tungsten carbide tips. These sturdy tips are designed to pierce through various terrains, offering increased stability and traction. Whether you're trekking on rocky surfaces or slippery trails, these tips will keep you secure and confident.

As an added bonus, the OLIFE Trekpal T3 comes with a range of useful accessories. With 2 mud baskets, 2 snow baskets, and 2 rubber tips, you're equipped to tackle different trail conditions and seasons. The pole clip ensures easy attachment and detachment from your backpack, while the included carry bag allows for convenient storage and transport.

In conclusion, the OLIFE Trekpal T3 Telescoping Trekking Pole is a reliable and feature-packed companion for your hiking adventures. Its lightweight and durable aluminum alloy shaft, secure external lever locks, comfortable EVA foam grips, and adjustable features make it a standout option in its price range. With the OLIFE Trekpal T3 in hand, you can confidently conquer the trails and immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Best LED Light-integrated Trekking Pole: OLIFE Beamwalk T3

OLIFE Beamwalk T3

    • Release time: 2023

    • Pole Type: Telescoping

    • Shaft: 7075 Aluminum Alloy

    • Locking Mechanisms: External Lever Lock

    • Grip Construction: EVA

    • Weight: 19.2 oz (544 g) with Lightweight Caps Only; 21.5 oz (610 g) with Battery Packs Only

    • Packed Size: 25.6 in (65 cm)

    • Light Source: Neutral White/Red Dual-Color COB LED

    • Charging Type: USB-C Charging Cable

    • Max Performance: 120 lumens

    • Max Runtime: 3 hours at 120 lumens; 13 hours at 30 lumens

    • Waterproof: IPX6

    • Price: $ 79.99

OLIFE Beamwalk T3 is designed to take your hiking experience to the next level. With their unique integration of 360-degree lighting, sturdy construction, and exceptional comfort, the OLIFE Beamwalk T3 is set to become your trusted companion on the trails. Let's explore the remarkable features that make these poles stand out from the crowd.

The standout feature of the OLIFE Beamwalk T3 is its patent-pending design that seamlessly integrates 360-degree lighting into the trekking poles. Each pole is equipped with a dual-color COB LED, offering both neutral white and red light options. The lighting is powered by a separate 1,300 mAh battery pack, delivering a maximum output of 120 lumens and an impressive maximum runtime of 30 hours. Whether you need to illuminate your path during nighttime hikes or set up camp in low-light conditions, these poles have got you covered.

With two distinct light modes, the OLIFE Beamwalk T3 provides versatility for both trail and camp use. The Motion Mode offers neutral white (low), neutral white (high), red, and flashing red light settings, catering to different lighting needs. On the other hand, the Constant Mode provides stepless dimming with neutral white light. Both modes feature a memory function, allowing you to easily switch between your preferred settings.

A particularly handy feature of the Motion Mode is the 30-second standby function. When there is no movement detected for 30 seconds, the lights will blink red, saving power while also serving as a helpful reminder and assisting you in locating your poles. This thoughtful function enhances both convenience and efficiency during your hiking adventures.

The OLIFE Beamwalk T3 is built to endure the demands of the trail. With a resistance to 1.5-meter drops and an IPX6 waterproof rating, these trekking poles are designed to withstand water, rain, mud, and the occasional knocks and bumps. You can confidently take them on your outdoor journeys, knowing they are up to the challenge.

To provide additional flexibility, the OLIFE Beamwalk T3 comes with two types of caps. The USB rechargeable battery packs can be easily detached and installed, even in low-light conditions. However, if you prefer to lighten your load, the poles also include two lightweight caps that can be used in place of the battery packs, allowing you to save weight without compromising on functionality.

Crafted with exceptional quality and comfort in mind, the OLIFE Beamwalk T3 features aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum alloy shafts, providing a sturdy yet lightweight support system. The robust external lever locks ensure reliable adjustability, allowing you to customize the height according to your preference. The EVA foam grips offer a comfortable and secure hold, while the soft and adjustable wrist straps provide added support during long hikes.

In addition to the impressive lighting and durability, the OLIFE Beamwalk T3 includes a range of useful tips and baskets. With two mud baskets, two snow baskets, and two rubber tips, you have the versatility to tackle different terrains and trail conditions. The rubber tips can be placed over the built-in tungsten carbide tips, providing added traction and protecting sensitive surfaces.

In conclusion, the OLIFE Beamwalk T3 Trekking Pole is a remarkable addition to any hiker's gear collection. Its innovative integration of 360-degree lighting, durable construction, comfortable grips, and adjustable features make it a reliable and versatile choice. With its portable design and range of accessories, the OLIFE Beamwalk T3 ensures you're equipped for any adventure that awaits you on the trail. Illuminate your path with confidence and experience the joy of hiking with these exceptional trekking poles.

Best Folding Hiking Pole: OLIFE Mixtend F3T2

OLIFE Mixtend F3T2

    • Release time: 2022

    • Pole Type: Folding + Telescoping

    • Shaft: 7075 Aluminum Alloy

    • Locking Mechanisms: External Lever Lock + Push-Button Lock

    • Grip Construction: EVA

    • Weight: 20.2 oz (573 g) Excluding Accessories; 22.6 oz (642 g) Including Accessories

    • Packed Size: 15.7 in (40 cm)

    • Price: $ 49.99

The OLIFE Mixtend F3T2 is constructed with aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum alloy shafts, ranging in thickness from 0.8 to 1.0 mm. This material strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and exceptional durability. You can rely on these poles to withstand the pressures and impacts of the trail, providing you with the confidence and stability you need during your hiking excursions.

Equipped with both external lever locks and push-button locks, the OLIFE Mixtend F3T2 ensures a secure and reliable locking mechanism. The robust external lever locks feature large aluminum alloy levers, offering strength and stability when adjusting the pole's length. Additionally, the zinc alloy push-button locks provide added convenience and versatility. With these locking mechanisms in place, you can confidently set your desired length and focus on the trail ahead.

Weighing just 20.2 oz (573 g) excluding accessories and measuring a mere 15.7 in (40 cm) when folded down, the OLIFE Mixtend F3T2 is incredibly portable and easy to carry. Its compact size allows you to stow it effortlessly in your backpack or even a suitcase, making it a fantastic option for hikers who are always on the go.

The adjustable length of the poles offers versatility to accommodate hikers of different heights. With an adjustable range from 45.3 inches to 53.1 inches, you can find the perfect length that suits your needs and provides optimal comfort and support during your hikes.

Comfort is a top priority when it comes to trekking poles, and the OLIFE Mixtend F3T2 doesn't disappoint. The ergonomic, soft-touch EVA foam grips offer a comfortable and secure hold, even during extended use. They are designed to wick away sweat, ensuring a firm grip and reducing the chances of slippage. The EVA foam grip extensions provide additional support and confidence, especially when tackling steep terrains or traversing uneven surfaces.

To enhance your comfort further, the adjustable wrist straps are padded, preventing any discomfort or rubbing on your skin. These straps not only provide additional support but also help distribute the weight of the poles, reducing fatigue during long hikes.

The OLIFE Mixtend F3T2 incorporates internal stainless steel cables, adding strength and durability to the overall construction of the poles. These cables ensure reliable performance and long-term use, giving you peace of mind while exploring the great outdoors.

With tough, built-in tungsten carbide tips, the OLIFE Mixtend F3T2 offers excellent stability and traction on various terrains. Whether you're trekking through rocky paths, muddy trails, or icy surfaces, these tips penetrate the ground with ease, providing you with the necessary grip to navigate with confidence.

The OLIFE Mixtend F3T2 comes with a range of accessories to enhance your hiking experience. The two mud baskets, two snow baskets, and two rubber tips allow you to adapt to different terrains and weather conditions, providing added versatility and functionality. Additionally, the two hook-and-loop retaining straps keep your poles securely folded when not in use, preventing any accidental unfolding during transportation or storage. A convenient carry bag is also included, allowing you to easily pack and transport your trekking poles wherever your adventures take you.

In summary, the OLIFE Mixtend F3T2 Folding Hiking Pole is a feature-rich and reliable companion for hiking enthusiasts. Its combination of folding and telescoping design, lightweight construction, comfortable grips, adjustable length, and durable materials make it a top choice for adventurers seeking convenience, versatility, and performance. Whether you're embarking on day hikes or multi-day expeditions, these trekking poles are sure to enhance your outdoor experience and provide the support you need to conquer any trail.

Trekking Pole Buying Advice

Now that we've explored our team's top trekking pole picks, let's dive into some essential factors to consider when buying hiking poles. By understanding these key aspects, women can make well-informed decisions and select the poles that best suit their specific needs.

Trekking Pole Types: Telescoping, Folding, and Fixed

Trekking poles come in three main types: telescoping, folding, and fixed. Telescoping poles are the most common and versatile option, allowing for height adjustment to accommodate different users and terrains. Folding poles are highly portable and can be collapsed to fit into smaller spaces. Fixed poles are non-adjustable and generally lighter in weight. Understanding the advantages and differences of each type can help women determine which one aligns best with their hiking style and preferences.

Shaft Materials

The material used in the construction of trekking pole shafts plays a significant role in their overall performance and durability. Common materials include aluminum, carbon fiber, and composite materials. Aluminum poles are known for their strength and affordability, making them a popular choice for hikers seeking a balance between durability and cost. Carbon fiber poles, on the other hand, offer excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making them lightweight and ideal for long hikes. Composite materials combine the benefits of both aluminum and carbon fiber, providing a sturdy yet lightweight option.

Locking Mechanisms

A reliable locking mechanism is crucial in ensuring that trekking poles remain securely extended at the desired height. There are various locking mechanisms available, including twist-lock, lever-lock, and clamp-lock systems. Twist-lock mechanisms involve twisting the pole sections to lock them in place, offering ease of use and secure hold. Lever-lock mechanisms utilize a lever to secure the poles, allowing for quick and easy adjustment. Clamp-lock systems use a clamp mechanism to provide a strong and secure lock. Understanding the pros and cons of each locking mechanism can help women choose the one that suits their preferences.

Trekking Pole Grip Construction

The grip construction of hiking poles greatly impacts comfort and control during hikes. Grips are typically made of materials such as foam, cork, or rubber. Foam grips offer cushioning and are sweat-absorbent, providing a comfortable grip even during intense hikes. Cork grips mold to the shape of the hand over time, offering a natural and breathable feel. Rubber grips provide a firm hold and are especially useful in wet or snowy conditions. Considering factors like hand size, grip texture, and personal preference can help women select the most comfortable grip construction for their hiking poles.


The weight of trekking poles can significantly impact a woman's hiking experience, especially during long-distance or multi-day hikes. Lighter poles reduce fatigue and strain on the arms, allowing for a more enjoyable trek. However, it's important to strike a balance between weight and durability. While ultralight poles may be tempting, they may sacrifice strength and stability. It's essential to find a weight that suits individual comfort levels and hiking needs.

Packed Size

The packed size of hiking poles is particularly important for those who value portability and convenience. Poles that can be compactly folded or collapsed are easier to store and transport, making them suitable for hikers who frequently travel or have limited storage space. Checking the dimensions of the poles when collapsed can help women determine whether they can be comfortably carried in a backpack or attached to the outside of a pack.


Durability is a crucial consideration when investing in hiking poles. The poles should be able to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, including rough terrains, rocky trails, and varying weather conditions. Paying attention to the materials, construction quality, and customer reviews can provide insights into the durability of the trekking poles under consideration.

Shock-Absorbing Poles

Some hiking poles come with built-in shock absorption features, which can help reduce strain on the wrists and joints, particularly when hiking on uneven or challenging terrains. These poles are equipped with internal springs or elastomers that absorb impact and vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable hiking experience. Women who are prone to joint pain or seek additional support may find shock-absorbing poles beneficial.

Women’s-Specific Poles

Manufacturers now recognize the unique needs of women when it comes to hiking gear, including trekking poles. Women's-specific poles are designed with features that cater to the anatomical differences and preferences of female hikers. These poles often have smaller grips, shorter lengths, and feminine color options. Considering women's-specific poles can help women find trekking poles that offer a better fit, improved comfort, and enhanced performance tailored to their needs.

Cheap Trekking Poles

Not everyone wants to break the bank when purchasing hiking gear, and affordable options are available for those on a budget. Cheap trekking poles can still provide the necessary support and stability for hiking adventures. While they may not have all the advanced features or premium materials found in higher-end models, they can be a great starting point for beginners or occasional hikers. It's important to carefully assess the quality and durability of inexpensive poles to ensure they can withstand regular use.

Hiking with One Trekking Pole

While using a pair of trekking poles is the norm for most hikers, some individuals prefer to hike with just one pole. This approach can be beneficial for those who want to maintain a lighter load or require one-handed mobility. When using a single trekking pole, it's recommended to use it on the opposite side of the body to provide balance and stability. It's essential to choose a pole with adjustable height to accommodate the single-pole technique effectively.

Trekking Pole Tents and Shelters

In recent years, trekking poles have become essential components in the setup of lightweight backpacking tents and shelters. These innovative designs utilize the trekking poles as tent poles, reducing the weight of the overall pack and providing added versatility. Trekking pole tents and shelters are popular among minimalist hikers and ultralight backpackers who prioritize weight savings without compromising on shelter quality. When selecting trekking poles for tent setups, it's important to ensure they have the necessary strength and stability to withstand the forces exerted by the shelter.

In conclusion, choosing the best budget trekking pole requires careful consideration of various factors such as type, shaft material, locking mechanism, grip construction, weight, packed size, durability, and additional features like shock absorption and women's-specific options.

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