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Sentry L1 Review - 3 Major Upgrades Over the Sentry R1

Sentry L1 Review - 3 Major Upgrades Over the Sentry R1

Sep 16, 2023, 15:00:00

Oknife's popular Sentry R1 folding chef's knife was a hit when it launched last summer. However, fans pointed out some design issues that needed improvement. Oknife listened, and the new Sentry L1 addresses these flaws with upgrades in three key areas.

ModelSentry R1Sentry L1
Blade Steel14C28N steelD2 Tool steel
Blade Length4.61 inch3.97 inch
Blade TypeSheepsfootSheepsfoot
Blade Handle
Lock MechanismRail lockLiner Lock
Knife Weight5.27 oz8.56 oz
Knife OpeningThumb HoleFlipper, Thumb Hole

Blade Steel

Cutting branches and cutting meat with Oknife Sentry L1

The Sentry R1 had a 14C28N steel blade, which some found lacked edge retention and corrosion resistance. The new Sentry L1 ups the ante with D2 tool steel, which has excellent edge retention thanks to more carbon. The titanium coating also boosts corrosion resistance. D2 steel and a titanium coating create a blade that stays sharper for longer.

Locking Mechanism

Oknife Sentry L1 Lock Mechanism

Reviewers complained the Sentry R1's track lock had too much blade play even when fully engaged. The Sentry L1 switches to a sturdy liner lock that securely locks the blade open with zero wiggle room. This creates a much more confidence-inspiring lockup.

Handle Texture

Put Oknife Sentry L1 in hand

Fans found the previous G10 handle too slippery, making the knife hard to grip securely. The new Sentry L1 has heavily textured G10 with carved finger grooves for a comfortable and secure grip. No more worrying about the knife slipping in your hand.

By upgrading to D2 steel, improving the lock, and adding grip texture, the Sentry L1 addresses the R1's major shortcomings. Fans wanted improvements, and Oknife delivered with a knife that's safer, more functional, and built to last. The Sentry L1 shows why Oknife values customer feedback and strives to provide the best possible products.

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