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OREMAKE Monsoon Review - A Professional Upgrade Over the Sentry R1

OREMAKE Monsoon Review - A Professional Upgrade Over the Sentry R1

Sep 16, 2023, 15:00:00

Oknife's popular Sentry R1 folding chef's knife was convenient to carry, but some pro chefs worried its folding design could harbor bacteria. Listening to this feedback, Oknife created the OREMAKE Monsoon - a fixed-blade outdoor kitchen knife that upgrades safety and performance.

ModelsMonsoon CleaverMonsoon Utility KnifeSentry R1Sentry L1Gaur
Blade Length6.3 inch5.2 inch4.61 inch4 inch3.82 inch
ColorOD GreenOD GreenBlackBlackBeige
Blade Material1.4116 steel1.4116 steel14C28N steelD2 steelD2 steel
Blade TypeCleaverUtility KnifeSheepsfootCleaverSheepsfoot
Lock MechanismFixed-bladeFixed-bladeRail lockLiner lockLiner lock
Weight7.83 oz3.81 oz5.27 oz8.56 oz7.09 oz
OpeningN/AN/AThumb HoleFlipper,Thumb HoleFlipper
CarryingRecycled Leather SheathRecycled Leather SheathTip-Up Pocket ClipTip-Up Pocket ClipTip-Up Pocket Clip

NSF Certified

The Sentry R1's folding knife shape created concerns about foodborne illness. The new OREMAKE Monsoon is NSF certified to meet strict hygiene standards, reassuring pros of its safety.

Better Steel

Cut meat and mushrooms with Oremake Monsoon

While effective for most, the Sentry R1's 14C28N steel left some wanting more edge retention. The Monsoon steps up to German 1.4116 steel, offering increased hardness and corrosion resistance.

Renewable Sheath

Oremake Monsoon Sheath

The Sentry R1 slipped into a pocket, but pros wanted more protection. The Monsoon comes with a durable sheath that's renewable for fresh food-safe storage.

With NSF certification, an upgrade to 1.4116 steel, and a protective sheath, the OREMAKE Monsoon shows Oknife listened to chef feedback on the Sentry R1. The result is a superior fixed blade outdoor kitchen knife built to meet the demands of food professionals while upholding Oknife's commitment to continuous improvement through customer input.

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This is getting some great reviews. I will take a closer look at it.

Posted on: Sep 19, 2023, 15:00:09