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    I was going to say the categories weren't loading right when you clicked on tents & hammocks and the other ones. But it looks like it is fixed now.
    - I think this 2nd paragraph could use a different font. I think it's on the "about us" page.
    - Some of the items when I click on them have this odd reloading sequence and it doesn't feel smooth, like when I click on the gloves. It's almost like my mouse is double clicking the item.
    - Might want to also give feet dimensions for large items like tarps and picnic blankets. For most people anything over a few 36" people start thinking in feet. At least in my experience. Saying 100 inches is tough to know how big it really is but saying it's 8ft 8 inches would be easier for some. Or a 6ft x 8ft tarp instead of 72in by 96in. Both would be good to have.
    Good luck! Can't wait to buy a hammock from here. Hopefully you'll sell a hammock with a bug net incorporated into the hammock! :)
    Thank you for such detailed suggestions and sorry for the tardy response. We will report all these suggestions to the related department. Also, there will be a hammock with a bug net when the site is officially released. We are looking forward to seeing you again by that time. 20 O Coins have been issued for your suggestions. Thank you for supporting us again!
    This review is for the KeyUnity KM00 Titanium Alloy Quick Release Belt Clip Keychain. Having the belt width this key holder is compatible with as part of the discription would be very helpful. the most common belt widths are 1.5" and 1.75".

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will definitely think about this and make an improvement on this. 20 O Coins have been issued for your suggestion.
    On the “about” page, the photo shows a few corrections, suggestions. Also, on my account page explanation is not spelled correctly and on the Prize Wheel confirm is spelled confrim.
    many thanks for your feedback, we will revise it soon
    every time when your mouse/pointer goes over an item and the product name and price will go up and disappear and "add to cart" button with the same product name will appear. it is quite distracting as you have to point other areas to see the price again. Recommend to just include "add to cart" button with the product name and price so the screen wont keep changing. just make it more simple and user friendly. #Feedback
    thanks for your feedback, and sorry for the bad experience, we will evaluate your advice carefully.

    not on the mobile view, but the desktop view, in each product under the "reviews" section. it says "0.0 from 5" right above the 5 stars. Recommend to change "from" to "out of" to make it more sense. i.e., 0.0 out of 5. #Feedback
    wrote it down. thank you very much
    I suggest using Camping & Hiking rather than Camp & Hike. Also sleeping bag rather than sleep bag. ?
    we saw also use camp&hike?
    we will change sleep bag to sleeping bag. thank you
    BTW, one valid post can earn 20 O Coins. Comments do not earn points. We suggest you post more so you will earn more O Coins.
    Log-in was as easy as logging in to the main Olight Store. Surveying the site was smooth. I was able to add items to the cart without a problem and checkout was perfect. When I added a couple of items to my cart the confirmation message was improper grammar but when I went back to replay my actions the confirmation message seems to have been corrected. A good variety to start with but will some camping and EDC lights be added to this site for easy shopping?
    sure, we will add more items infuture. thank you
    Purchase went well. Wouldn't let me link Olight acct or let me enter my Birthday. Didn't see any place to log out. Said would not need code to test this site, but could not without code also after entering my email. Which is same as I registered.
    sorry for the bad experience, we will look into your account and make all information sync and the same as Olightstore
    No problems with the purchase.
    The description changing when you hover over the item is distracting. If the mouse sits over an item you can no longer see the price. Maybe not have a scrolling description on when hovering.
    ? thanks for your feedback, we will improve it soon.