Frequently Asked Questions

Loyalty Program

  • Obuy Loyalty Program is a membership program, formerly known as VIP Benefits. This program informs how many O-coins you can earn for every dollar you spend. In addition, members at the Traveler level and above will attain an upgrade coupon when you reach the next membership level and get double O-coins in your birthday month.

  • If you already have an account, simply placing an order on (while logged in) will enroll you in this program. You will need to create an account if you do not have an account.

  • A. Your account will accrue O-coins from every dollar you spend on the Obuy website. 1 dollar = 10 O-coins & 10 points.

    B. When you update your personal information on your account for the first time, including photo, name, gender, birthday, etc., O-coins will be automatically issued to your account. 

    (Please note: From 2/28 to 4/27: Completing tasks to earn O-coins will be temporarily replaced with earning points during this period. To compensate, the corresponding O-coins for tasks completed during this period will be credited to your account after April 28th.)

  • A. O-coins can be redeemed for coupons. The ratio is 200 to 1, which means a $10 coupon can be redeemed with 2000 O-coins.

    ① Obuy provides three types of coupons for redemption: $10, $20, $30. Different membership levels have different monthly redemption chances, 2 for Traveler, 3 for Hunter, 4 for Adventurer, and 5 for Legend.

    ② Please note that the coupons that can be redeemed vary by level. Travelers can redeem $10 coupons. Hunters and Adventurers can redeem $10 and $20 coupons, while Legends can redeem $10, $20, and $30 coupons.

    ③ The coupons are available for 30 days after redemption and they are not valid for shipping fees or discounted products.

    ④ Here is the way to redeem coupons: Obuy Loyalty Program >> Redemption Coupons Zone.

    B. O-coins can also be redeemed for products. There is a selection of popular products in the redemption zone for the Traveler level and above on the Loyalty Program page.

  • No, the O-coins collected on Obuy have no monetary value and are not transferable.

  • When items are returned, the O-coins received from those items will be deducted from the balance.

  • Olight and Obuy are part of the same company. While Obuy is dedicated to sourcing high-quality outdoor products, Olight prides itself on manufacturing high-quality illumination tools.

  • There are three methods to help you link them. However, please note that you need to use the same email address to log in.

    ① Enter the information on the registration page.

    ② Click the shortcut portals on the top and bottom of both websites.

    ③ My Account>>Personal Center>>Account Security>>Account Login Method>>Bind account.

  • ① Account information synchronization:

    If you already have accounts on both Obuy and Olight, you can get higher benefits by binding these two accounts. If you already have an account on either Obuy or Olight, you only need to authorize to log in to get higher benefits. By using the same account on both websites, your email address, shipping address, and other account details will be shared and you can benefit from loyalty programs.

    ② Shared O-coins and points:

    O-coins and points on two websites will be shared and updated synchronously. Points are only used to determine the customer's membership level. O-coins can be used to redeem products and coupons.

    ③ Obtain an upgrade coupon when reaching the corresponding membership level:

    For example, if you have 2000 points on Olight and 1000 points on Obuy, you will reach Traveler Level and obtain an upgrade coupon of $10 after binding. Different membership levels have different upgrade coupons, including $10, $30, $50, and $100. (Please note: From 2/28 to 3/14: Upgrade coupons will be temporarily suspended. If you upgrade your membership level during this period, the upgrade coupon will be credited to your account on March 15th. During this period, our customer service can manually issue discount coupons if need be.)

  • It's determined by the points.

    Iron equals Wanderer

    Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum equal to Traveler

    Diamond and Yellow Diamond equal to Hunter

    Blue Diamond and Red Diamond equal to Adventurer

    Black Diamond and Legend equal to Legend

  • Please make sure that you use the same email address to log in. If there's still the same issue after you click the bind button in the personal center under your account, please do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or email us at

  • No, Olight store credit can only be used on the Olight site.

Return & Warranty

  • We will issue a refund after our warehouse has received your return and verified the returned items. The refund will automatically be applied to your original payment method. Please note that it will take 2-5 working days for a refund to show up on any bank statement.

  • Yes, all accessories included with the item will need to be returned.

  • Orders can be returned for any reason within 30 days from the delivery date. Returned items must be in the same new condition, unworn, and in the original packaging. You can check our return policy and then contact us via live chat or email us at for more details. Please include the following information:

    1) Order number

    2) Product name

    3) Problem description and clear pictures of the product

    We will process your return request as soon as possible.

  • All orders placed on our site can be returned for free within 30 days from the delivery date. In this case, no extra fee will be charged.

  • After receiving your order, please check the carton for any shipping damage. However, if the items in the carton are damaged, please keep the carton, packing material and contents inside and contact us at or directly through our live chat. Providing the order number, email address and pictures of the damaged items, we will try our best to help you out.

  • Exchanges do not affect coins, refunds will deduct O-coins accordingly.


  • You can reset your Obuy Online Account password using the following steps:


    ① On, click on "Sign in" in the upper right of the page.

    ② Click on "Forgot password?" and enter the email address associated with your Obuy Online Account.

    ③ Then you will receive an email with a verification code. Please kindly enter it as well as your new password on the page.

    ④ Use your new password to log in after you complete the steps above.


    If you still cannot reset your password, you could contact our customer service via live chat or email at


    Note: If your Obuy account is linked to your Google or Facebook account, you will need to edit your password directly through Google or Facebook.

  • If your login attempt failed, please follow the steps below to see if it helps.


    ① Please make sure that the email address you entered is correct.

    ② If you signed in using the "Facebook" or "Google" button previously, it's recommended that you could sign in on our site through this method again.

    ③ If you still can't log in, please click "Forgot your password?" to reset your password.


    Also, you can contact us via live chat or by email at for further assistance.


  • We typically cannot cancel your order once it is submitted. Order processing begins immediately in order to get your products out quickly. You can contact our customer service immediately if you want to cancel your order and our CS Team will check to see if they can cancel your order. Alternatively, when you receive your order, we are happy to take it back using our return instructions.

  • There are two ways for you to track your order.

    ① Log into your account to find the order, and then click "More details" to view the logistics.

    ② Scroll to the bottom of the site>>Customer Service>>Track Order>>Enter your order number and email address.

  • Thanks for purchasing from Obuy! Once the order was placed successfully. Our website will automatically send out the confirmation email to the address specified in the order. Please make sure your email address is correct and check your spam/junk folder to see if it is there. You can always reach out to our live chat or email with any order questions as well.

  • We apologize if you are experiencing this issue. Please send us a website live chat request or email at wih the transaction ID. We will make sure that the issue is corrected.

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