The Fire-Maple FMS-121 Spark is a wind-resistant remote gas stove for outdoor chiefs. It performs well in strong winds thanks to the innovative dome net made from high-temperature alloy and the integrated windscreen. No external windscreen is required! It is operated with a remote valve, so you can control the flame more precisely and safely with the knob.

Please Note

  1. Keep young children away from the appliance.

  2. DO NOT use the appliance in an enclosed space, such as a tent, vehicle, or home.

  3. Check the stove carefully before connecting the valve to the gas cylinder. Make sure the flame regulator is closed. DO NOT use the stove if the seals between the valve and gas cylinder are damaged.

  4. When connecting the valve to the gas cylinder, it's normal that some gas will leak. Continue to screw on until the connection is tight and the leaking will stop. If you hear or smell gas leaking after connection, DO NOT ignite. Disconnect the valve and gas cylinder immediately. DO NOT use the stove until it has been checked and repaired.

  5. DO NOT move a burning or hot stove. After cooking is finished, allow it to fully cool down and then disconnect the valve and cylinder.

  6. The flame will not go out immediately after the valve is turned off. Wait until the residual gas in the hose has been burned and the stove fully cools down before disconnecting the gas cylinder.

  7. When using the stove, it is recommended that the flame should NOT get larger than the bottom of the cookware to avoid burning its handle(s).

Exceptional Performance in Wind

Innovatively designed with a dome net and an integrated windscreen that enclose the flames, this stove has better resistance against strong winds than ordinary backpacking canister stoves.

Remote Valve

The remote valve and fuel line move the flame control away from the burning stove and hot cookware, so you can control the flame more precisely and safely with the knob.

Stainless Steel, Aluminum
10.7 oz (302 g)
(Unfolded) 6.7 x 3.8 in (170 x 97 mm); (Folded) 3.8 x 3.3 in (96 x 85 mm)
2,200 W, 160 g/h, 7,509 BTU/h
Type of gas
Butane and Propane Mixture
Package Contents
1 x Remote Gas Canister Stove, 1 x Magnesium Fire Starting Rod, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x User Manual
Fuel Type
Gas Canister
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