Featuring a minimalist one-piece design, high-strength titanium construction, and dual compartments, this Keith Ti1158 Titanium Alloy EDC Carabiner is a versatile tool for keeping your keys and other EDC items secure and easily accessible anywhere you go.

Please Note

1. DO NOT let titanium products come into direct contact with ceramic products. It will leave thin marks on ceramic surfaces, which can't be removed.

2. This product is an everyday tool. DO NOT USE IT FOR CLIMBING.


Ti1158 Titanium Alloy

EDC Carabiner Keychain Clip

Durable One-Piece Construction

With the absence of springs or levers, the single-piece design is less prone to breakage, loosening, or wear while being tough and resilient.

Safe and Secure

The dual compartments allow your keys to be kept separate from whatever you decide to attach the keychain to, helping to ensure they don’t fall off when you clip or unclip the keychain.


At just 0.32 oz—the weight of two sheets of paper—this titanium keychain will be almost unnoticeable in use, adding no excess weight or bulk to your belt or backpack.


5.0 out of 5
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