Comfortable, lightweight, and packable, the NATUREHIKE CW400 Ultralight Goose Down Hooded Envelope Sleeping Bag is designed for early spring, fall, and early winter use. It unzips fully so you can also use it as a comfy quilt.

Care and Maintenance

1. Hand wash only.

2. DO NOT use fabric softeners, bleaches, or strong alkaline cleaners. Neutral detergents are recommended.

3. DO NOT spin dry. Lay flat in a shaded, well-ventilated, and dry area.

4. Please do not expose it to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Please Note

1. DO NOT leave your sleeping bag in a compressed state for a long time, as that will reduce its loft and insulation performance.

2. For long-term storage, place the sleeping bag in the mesh stuff sack rather than the compression bag.


CW400 Goose Down Hooded Envelope Sleeping Bag

Impressive Warmth Even When Wet

This sleeping bag utilizes 14.1 oz of 750-fill-power white goose down to create a cozy cocoon of lightweight warmth and comfort. In addition, the down is treated with a hydrophobic coating, which prevents it from clumping and losing its loft, so it continues to insulate when wet.

Appealing Fabric Weight & Feel

The splash-proof 20D nylon shell and liner not only help keep weight low but also prevent moisture from soaking through and dampening the fill, allowing for added comfort in challenging conditions.

Balanced Warmth & Roominess

A perfect hybrid of mummy and rectangular design, this sleeping bag provides more warmth than a rectangular bag along with more room than a mummy bag, most notably in the footbox. The handy, dual wraparound zippers allow it to open fully and double as a quilt or let you unzip the bag where needed for some extra ventilation.

Packs and Stores Easier

A compression sack is included to provide a great space-saving solution for transporting your sleeping bag. It also comes with a mesh stuff sack to keep it organized while in storage.

20D Nylon
750-Fill-Power White Goose Down (90% Down/10% Feather)
20D Nylon
M: 82.7 x 29.5 in (210 x 75 cm); L: 86.6 x 33.5 in (220 x 85 cm)
Packed Size
M: 6.3 x 13.8 in (16 x 35 cm); L: 7.1 x 13.8 in (18 x 35 cm)
Fits Up To
M: 69 in (175 cm); L: 69–75 in (175–190 cm)
Sleeping Bag Shape
Insulation Type
Zipper Location
41 °F (5 °C)
32 °F (0 °C)
12.2 °F (-11 °C)
M: 32 oz (910 g); L: 32.8 oz (930 g)
Fill Weight
14 oz (400 g)
Package Contents
1 x Sleeping Bag, 1 x Stuff Sack, 1 x Compression Sack
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looks like a good sleeping bag.


Aug 26, 2022, 00:21:38

CS reply:

Glad that you like this item and thank you for choosing Obuy!

Dec 23, 2022, 15:26:43

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