The NATUREHIKE Self-Adhesive TPU Gear Repair Patch Kit (3 Pack) is ideal for making repairs on the go, and it just might save your next camping trip! The three large self-adhesive patches made of durable TPU provide you with a quick and easy way to repair damaged outdoor gear in the field.

Please Note:

1. Before applying patch, please ensure that the area is dry, clean, and flat.

2. If the damaged surface is larger than 2 in, it needs to be stitched first and then repaired.

3. Patches adhere to dry, smooth, dust-free, non-oily, and silicone-free surfaces only.

4. After application, leave the patch alone for 30 minutes and do not tear or inflate it during this period.

5. Mesh fabric cannot be repaired with this product.

6. This product is only suitable for emergency, temporary repair of fabric tears. Please replace the repaired item(s) as soon as possible. NOT for use on any item critical to the safety of people, pets, or valuables.


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